YE DIGITAL provides IoT solutions 

with HD wireless cameras. 

Your empowering partner for digital innovation.

YE DIGITAL will support you to create added value by improving productivity, increasing the value of your existing products, and developing your business and services via our IoT solutions. We provide a range of solutions, from cloud-based software to communication devices, network lines, and secure environments.  We provide the one-stop IoT service for your business.


“MMsmartMonitor” is our cloud-based remote monitoring service solution.
It is a packaged solution with HD wireless cameras and cloud-based application software.  This service consists of battery-operated wireless sensors that operate for multiple years without replacing any batteries.  It can be installed within minutes.
MMsmartMonitor’s equipment and web application are both designed for industrial use.   As a cloud-based application, it can be integrated into existing applications and services or be used as a standalone offering for a variety of purpose-built applications.

Remote Monitoring Solutions

MMsmartMonitor offers various features, including the collection of visual insights for monitoring, decision making capabilities, and status analysis.  MMsmartMonitor has been validated for use with advanced analytics in order to make automated decisions.

Case Studies

YE DIGITAL’s comprehensive set of solutions empowers businesses from various industries to optimize their productivity and their workflows.  Please read our customer case studies to see how our expertise can solve real challenges and assist your business needs.

Starter Kit.

Maximize your business productivity with our IoT remote monitoring solutions.  

This bundle includes: 5 wireless cameras, 1 Hub, 1 cellular SIM router, 20 AA cell batteries and a 1 year subscription for our cloud service.